Accessing the power of the SQLite database library through a simple C++ Class

Why sqLITER?

There are many SQLite wrappers available. So why another?

sqLITER intends to distinguish itself in three areas:

  • Simplicity in the spirit of the original SQLite API.
  • Broadest possible compatibility
  • Quality of testing and documentation

How can I try sqLITER?

  • The sqLITER github repository has all of the source code and documentation. sqLITER is one header file and one source file plus the SQLite files.
  • SQLite is extremely widely compatible and sqLITER endeavors to maintain that, with active development and testing on both *nix and Windows platforms.
  • The license is the GPL Lesser (Library) license, allowing very free use even in proprietary applications

What's in a name?

SQLite, the underlying C database library, is named for the SQL language. sqLITER is both a pun ("seek lighter", apropos for a database running SELECT's) and a reference to a lighter package which requires less repetitive boilerplate code in applications using the library.

Current Activity

Nov 5, 2016 - the latest release of SQLITE has been included (3.15).
The next major release will support exceptions as an alternative to detailed examination of return values from a C-style API. While the first release tried to mirror the approach of SQLITE itself, use of sqLITER in practice has made it clear that exception-based database use leads to better readability and less boilerplate code.